Murfreesboro Music Booking Station - News Back Log
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News Back Log



Murfreesboro Music Booking Station website opens! Fully functional for Music @ 8471. More pages and musical endevours to follow soon...


Calendar is up! Allows viewing of music schedule for three months. New option on Music @ 8471 form too. Allows bands to request specific dates for performance after viewing calendar.


Les Kerr & the Bayou Band joins us! This is the first blues group enlisted. Mailing options (for press kits) placed on Music @ 8471 page. Digital photos of all performances coming soon...


6PM show for 12/27- Bliss Bliss -cancelled! So sorry... Show for 8PM- Secret Gossip -still being held, however. New and improved fliers placed around town. Add suggestions for locations to guestbook. More later...


Plans are being made to expand the Music @ 8471 program to a Nashville area-wide program. Support would be appreciated. Also, multiple colleges in Nashville area are to be selected for advertisement for Music @ 8471. Multiple radio stations and newspapers have been informed of the program and are showing interest in advertising for us... Show support by filling out a comment card @ Starbucks! More later...


Payment process finalized! Check out info on Music @ 8471 page. Website is growing popularity. Thank you for visiting!


New @ ALL SHOWS! Donation box for improving Music @ 8471. This will help us buy supplies for the website, and the performances (sound equipment, etc.). Please, give to the cause!

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