Murfreesboro Music Booking Station - Music @ 8471
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Music @ 8471

To enlist in the musical program at Starbucks in Murfreesboro, simply fill out the information below:

This must be completed at least one week before the day you plan to play. Show times/dates will be set according to your needs/availability and Starbucks’ first available time slot.

The information required below is only preliminary. A director will call you to discuss show times and to get more information about your band.

At this time, ALL SHOWS MUST BE ACOUSTIC (unless prior arrangements have been discussed). At this time, there will be no payment from Starbucks. Payment WILL be possible at the beginning of 2003. A music group may receive tips and free drinks. Also, the group is allowed to sell their music. Bands receive 100% profit from CD sales. COVER SONGS ARE ALLOWED, although original music is encouraged.

Thank you for your interest in Music @ 8471!

If you have not played at a coffee shop before, please read my Coffee House Disclaimer

Filling out the mailing address will allow me to add you to my newsletter mailing list.

Select Band:

Name of Band:

Name of Contact:

Phone #:

Fax # (if available):

Mailing Address:

Genre of Music:

# of Members:

Average Show Length:

Date of First Available Appearance:



Performance Date & Time Request: Check Calendar/ Time Restrictions

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If you would prefer, I have a downloadable form to fill out. Click Here.

Any group wishing to receive the optimal advertisement should send me a press kit. I will relay it to contacts I have at several newspapers and magazines. This should be done AT LEAST one month before performance date. Mail to:

Shane Leach
c/o Starbucks Coffee Company
207A Mall Circle Drive
Murfreesboro TN, 37129

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